eugene ''Vash'' vasher

Don't ever call him "Eugene." Since grade school he has gone by "Vash," and was always the kid who excelled at almost everything with minimal effort. Vash made it into the Naval Academy where he excelled at the things he wanted to do the most-- unfortunately, it didn't include his studies. He came within a few demerits his freshman year of getting expelled. Eventually Vash got it together and became a leader among the midshipman. He became much more confident in himself and came to realize his potential. Unfortunately, this did not carry over to his social life and for the most part, was clueless in relationships with the oppsite sex. By his senior year, grades were never the priority, but learning was-- he finished in the bottom half of his graduating class, but earned his BS in Political Science.

Vash had grown to respect the honor and tradition of the US Marine Corps and upon graduation chose to become a 2nd Lieutenant instead of a Navy Ensign. He was a young officer assigned a platoon in Desert Storm. His sergeant was John Hatem. At first, the two hated each others guts. But eventually the two became closer than brothers.

Being the maverick had it's cost and Vash came to understand that he had angered too many brass with his independent ways. He would never make general. When the chance came to become a civilian contractor and make big bucks, Vash jumped at it. And eventually he convinced his friend Hatem to come with him. Vash has assembled a small team of experts to take on jobs that rely on their special skills. Clients come to him to do the work the police can't or won't. And he lives by three rules: #1 Don't take a bullet for a client. #2 Always plan. #3 Don't go against the US Government.

Vash collects classic cars-- especially convertibles. He does not possess a strong business mind and will do jobs for the cause forgetting the bottom line of survival in a capitalist state-- money. It's rumored that dissension exists on his team because of this.

lou diamond phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and returned back to the area to film "Bloodlines." He quickly shot to stardom with his lead role in "La Bamba" and followed that up with "Young Guns" and "Stand And Deliver."

Emily Johanson

Emily Johanson grew up a military brat-- her father was in the US Air Force. She greatly respected the people who served their country in uniform. Being the idealist, she went to college and joined the Secret Service, hoping to make a difference. But the male dominated service finally got to her and she left the government agency and found a new calling in the corporate world. She has risen to become an integral member of Ted Billings executive
staff at Billings Laboratories.

Several years back, she met "Vash" Vasher when her company hired him to do a job at their plant in Malaysia. The two soon became a hot item... until Vash suddenly and with no explanation cut it off. Now she is called upon by her boss to bring Vash back.

Yancy Butler

Yancy Butler was born and grew up in Greenwich Village, New York City during the 1970s, so it's not unusual that she chose to be an actor, being third generation showbiz. Her father is Joe Butler, the lead singer and drummer for the reunited Lovin' Spoonful; her mother, Leslie, was a company manager for Broadway shows, and her grandparents were also involved in various aspects of the theater. At the age of 13, Butler began studying at the prestigious HB Studios in New York, and continued to do so until entering Sarah Lawrence College. Ms Butler made her motion picture starring debut in John Woo's "Hard Target" with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yancy's television debut in "Law & Order" landed her the series lead in " Mann and Machine", which led to the starring role in "South Beach." Yancy has starred with Wesley Snipes in "Drop Zone" and most recently was the star of the hit television show "Witchblade."


The man known as Kilmer doesn't register in Mabe's database. He's been known to impersonate Federal officials... Is he one? Other rumors are that he is a mercenary who bids his services out to the richest client. In the oil soaked Middle East, this could mean Hamas, or Al Queda or any of the other hate groups.

Without a doubt, Kilmer's background is military-- probably Special Forces. He has a circle of men he has bought to help him with his jobs. Who knows to what extent the buying goes-- but he seems to walk pretty freely in the United States.


Jeff Speakman

Jeff Speakman was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he became an All-American springboard diver in high school. He broke records in his school's district and confer ence all without ever having a coach. Determined to go to college, he worked for six years and graduated with honors from Missouri State College, earning a bac helor's degree in psychology with a minor in biology. Jeff currently holds a 6th-degree black belt in Japanese Goju-Ryu and a 7th-degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate. He is also found and director of American Kenpo Karate Systems (AAKS), an international kenpo karate organization with more than 50 schools. In 1993, Jeff was inducted into the Balck Belt Hall of Fame as "Instructor of the Year."

john hatem

John Hatem joined the Army out of high school. He went into the Army Rangers and due to his dependability and coolness under pressure, rose a little quicker than most, becoming his platoon's non-commissioned officer. A new platoon officer was assigned to lead the men and Hatem didn't like him one bit. He was young, full of himself, and brash. Hatem had just met Eugene "Vash" Vasher.

The unit was immediately sent over to the first Desert Storm and Hatem made his feelings clear to Vash. The two solved their problem the only way they knew how and fortunately neither was killed or seriously injured. The conflict between the two turned into respect then admiration when Hatem saw that Vash had reason to be boastful-- the guy was good.

Then in a fire fight in Mosul, Hatem had the opportunity to pull his young lieutenant from a dangerous situation. And that led to a couple of other dangerous moments. In the end, the two became fast friends and inseperatable. They were quite the team.

When Vash left the Army, Hatem was offered the battalion First Sergeant position, but Vash had lined up some interesting private work and needed some help. Hatem retired from the Army and joined his friend in the private sector.

Vash is envious of Hatem's family life-- he was there when Hatem brought home both kids. Vash is oblivious to the fact that Hatem's wife Maggie really doesn't like him. It doesn't matter.

tom wright

Actor Tom Wright is a veteran of stage and screen. Residing in LA, Tom has a lengthy credit list which includes "Barbershop","Murder at 1600", "Forget Paris", a recurring character in "Seinfeld", appearances on "ER", "Star Trek Enterprise", "CSI", "NYPD Blue" and countless others. John Sayles has had Tom in just about every other film he makes.

Filmmaker Dan Millican sees why Sayles calls his number time and time again. "Tom is a storyteller. He doesn't have any of that Hollywood attitude that might put himself ahead of the story. I trust Tom and sent him very early drafts of Bloodlines for his input. When I wrote the part, he was always John Hatem."


Tavius "Tave" Boneffer was born in the US to German parents (Claus and Gertie Bonhoeffer who Anglicised their last name). Tave's grandfather Karl had narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazi's towards the end of World War II. Implicated in the plot to kill Hitler, Tave's grandfather had been a double agent in the Abwehr. Karl was captured in April of 1945, given away finally by his compatriots after vicious torturing by the Gestapo. Most of his fellow conspirators were already dead. Had the Allies been another month in ending the war, Karl would have been killed. Karl's son Claus decided to immigrate to the US.

Tave is the sniper and explosives specialist on the team. Tave spent a short time in the US military before being honorably discharged. He joined a large metropolitan police force where he worked in SWAT and in the Bomb Disposal Unit. He was quite happy, though becoming bored with his job until he came across John Hatem and Vash Vasher at a bar known to be frequented by law enforcement types.

Turns out that Vash and Hatem had been watching Tave for some time and planned the "accidental" meeting. They hit it off well and Vash offered him a job on his team. Tave, getting rather bored in his current position jumped at the chance to do something exciting.

He is quiet and would rather be doing nothing else. His love of guns, explosives and adrenaline-pumped missions keeps him a happy camper.

steve krieger

Steve Krieger is the actor who plays Tave. Steve has worked with Writer/Director Daniel Millican on all three of Millican's films as the Special Effects Coordinator. In Millican's second film "A Promise Kept/The Gunman", Krieger asked to audition and a new talent was found. In addition to his role as Tave, Krieger is the Special Effects Coordinator for "Bloodlines" as well. He also does some stunt doubling work.


This versatile actress lends an air of mystery to the Bloodlines cast. Her character Mabe is rich in back story and leaves you hungry to know more about her. Was she IRA? (Must be with her weapons training and knowledge) Where did she get all her techno know-how? She joined Vash's team several years before and her first mission was the "Cardiff Job." Some members of the team weren't thrilled about the inclusion of a woman, but quickly gave in when they saw her in action and recognized her skill.

Scarlett McAlister

Scarlett lives in LA with her husband and dog. She has a great website at Be sure to read up on her blog.

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