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Writer/Director Daniel Millican made the leap from Commercials and Music Videos to features in 2000. With his first film “The Keyman: Finding Redemption”, Millican explored the issues of regret and abandonment on the streets and the destructive power of unforgiveness. That movie starred Adam Baldwin and is being released worldwide by Artistview Entertainment out of LA.

Millican’s sophomore project was the film “A Promise Kept” starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Joey Lauren Adams, Jeff Speakman and Mimi Rogers (“The Gunman” for US video). This movie asks the question, “Do we take justice into our own hands, even for the most noble causes”? Worldwide sales have been strong and the movie was released on video in the summer of 2004. Lifetime Movie Network premiered the film on television in January of 2005.

“Bloodlines” is drawn from Millican’s experiences working in the corporate environment. “I believe that one of the most destructive characteristic of mankind is selfishness”, Millican writes. “When everyone has their own selfish agenda, it leads to chaos. What the hero, and hopefully the audience will see, is that we cannot truly live until we die to ourselves”. Millican wraps the story around an action/thriller plot that takes place in the halls of a large corporation.

Millican grew up in Austin and received his degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington and now makes his home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He met his wife Jill at a campus Christian ministry at UTA. Before attending the university, Jill had graduated from a Bible College and had been a missionary. “I did the music for the Christian ministry there on campus,” Millican states.

From there, Millican went to work in broadcasting and video/film production, in both small and large venue. “When I started,” Millican says, “I was a one-man band. We did this little cable travel show and I would be sent out with camera, lighting and sound and expected to come back with good footage that I would then edit.” Later Millican would be the General Manager for the facility, directing all the big projects that came trough. Millican has won over 30 international awards for his writing, directing, editing and producing of films, television, music videos, commercials and corporate films.

That experience has led him to make films in the style of Robert Rodriguez-as far as the technical areas. Like Rodriguez, Millican writes, directs, produces and edits his own features and even occasionally composes and performs the musical score. “I enjoy all these parts of film making”, Millican states. “I don’t mind delegating and keep hands off when I do, but in writing, directing and editing, I find the release for the passion of filmmaking that’s bottled up inside me.”

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